Together we change the world – One package at the time.


Jeannette Morath ist die GrŸnderin von reCIRCLE reCIRCLE ist die Schweizer Branchenloesung fŸr Mehrwegverpackung in der Unterwegsverpflegung. Dank der ÇLunchbox als ServiceÈ werden pro Tag tausende von Einwegverpackungen gespart. Tamedia AG | Franziska Rothenbuehler

Jeannette Morath


“Why should we serve delicious food and drinks in cheap and low-quality packaging that harms our environment?”

Jeannette started her professional life in the hotel and tourism industry in Switzerland and abroad. After her positions as event manager, exhibition planner and in marketing and communication Jeannette started to work for the city of Bern. She consulted companies regarding reusable packaging and was immediately infected by the reusable packaging virus. Jeannette is the founder and CEO of reCIRCLE.  

Jasmin Röösli

“reCIRCLE offers its customers a simple and effective way to enjoy food and drinks on the go while taking care of our precious environment”

Jasmin holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and sustainable development and is working on her master’s in circular innovation and sustainability. She joined reCIRCLE as an intern supporting our administrations and campaigning team and went on to working in the field of customer success management. She now co-leads projects that revolve around the topic of international expansion.

Team denmark

We aim to change customer behavior about reusable packaging and food waste. Denmark is a small country with big green hearts, and the Danes are quick to tap into new initiatives. We hope to inspire and create a movement for better and greener habits.

We are piloting reCIRCLE in Denmark and still looking for regional partners who want to join the reuse movement in Denmark. Intersted?

The time is now! The decade of action is upon us. We need to re-evaluate the way we live, think, consume and act. Join us and the rest of the reCIRCLE family in the fight against single-use plastic!

team estonia

We see reusable packaging as the only attainable and realistic solution to reduce the tragic amount of single-use plastic in the catering industry.

Introducing the reCIRCLE solution in Estonia is like a fresh air to an everlasting problem. The importance of this solution is strongly felt, and quickly sparked positive discussions around the idea. People have started to understand that bioplastic is also not a solution to the problem.

Estonia’s team is a family - two sisters, Katarina (a teacher and blog writer on environmental issues) and Hanna (a masters student in Development Cooperation), with mother Kadrin (experienced HR manager, currently a creative business owner).
Our vision is easy - a single-use packaging free Estonia and people who have solid knowledge about our environment.

Team germany

After tackling single-use waste in Stuttgart as a volunteer initiative, we founded our social startup reCIRCLE Germany in 2019. Since then, we have been working every day to make reusable packaging a part of our everyday lives.

Each German causes 227.5 kg of packaging waste per year and we want to change that. We think sharing is more sustainable than buying. Our politicians have recognized this and are obliging restaurants to offer a reusable alternative from 2023. But our vision goes even further, because we want to completely ban disposable packaging for on-the-go food in Germany’s gastronomy.


We think that reuse is the only reasonable solution to reduce waste and preserve the resources of our planet.

In 2019 the Italians produced about 30 million tons of waste, of which 40% is from packaging. This is an average of 499 kg per inhabitant. To manage this waste, we spend more than 10 billion Euro every year.

The Italian team of reCIRCLE works every day to make take-away food an enjoyable, tasty, and social experience as well as environmentally sustainable, replacing disposable packaging with cleanly produced, reusable, and recyclable packaging in a closed-loop system.

The waste disaster caused by our lifestyle is under the eyes of all of us. We believe that reCIRCLE can have a significant impact on this issue and it can contribute to a better future.


We have to change the way we deal with our resources. Sharing instead of owning is a trend that will become more and more prevalent. The objective is to establish a sustainable business model for the future, not to undertake a project with limited duration. 

Sustainability in food packaging is not widely adopted yet, but it is believed that people will embrace the concept of sharing and break away from the wasteful practice of single-use resources.


We are committed to bringing the reCIRCLE solution to Belgium and creating a movement towards a more sustainable future.

We believe that the key to reducing this waste is to change consumer behavior, and reCIRCLE offers a simple and effective solution. By promoting reusable packaging and reducing food waste, we can make a significant impact on the environment.

Team reCIRCLE Belgium is part of HORECA Gerkens and they strongly believe that it is essential to take action to reduce the amount of single-use packaging waste.


Our vision is a world where takeaway packaging is reusable. A world where you can eat and drink on the go without hesitation and with pleasure, because single-use plastic is replaced by cleanly produced, reusable, recyclable, packaging in a closed-loop system.


We communicate openly and honestly and behave in a fair, respectful, and appreciative manner towards our team, customers, partners, the public, and the environment.


reCIRCLE was founded in 2015 by Jeannette Morath. After a successful expansion to Germany and test-phases in different European countries we are happy to be present in the Netherlands, in Estonia, in Italy, in Belgium and in Denmark. We are excited about the European adventure ahead.

reCIRCLE has been honoured with many awards and recognitions. In 2017 reCIRCLE won the “Environmental Award of the Economy” and in 2020 followed the prestigious SEF Award in the category production & commerce. The coveted award honours outstanding entrepreneurial achievements.